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DSpace RapidPro

Scalable, modular and configurablesystem architecturen Compact and robust enclosuren For in-vehicle, laboratory and testbench usen Comprehensive software supportn Application-specific configurations forcommon application areas such asengine or chassis controlSeveral RapidPro units can be connected for use as one physical unit. RapidPro modules can be easily installed inand removed from the units.HardwareRapidProThe RapidPro hardware works as anextension to dSPACE prototyping systems(MicroAutoBox/modular DS1005-basedsystem). With their compact and robustmechanical design, the units are ideallysuited for in-vehicle use, and can also beused on test benches and in laboratories.The enclosure is designed so that you canuse the units separately or connect severalof them to build a stack for use as onephysical unit.Off-the-shelf hardware- and softwareconfigurablesignal conditioning (SC) andpower stage (PS) modules can be installedin the RapidPro units to set up individualsystems that optimally fit the needs of aparticular application. Customer-specificmodules are available on request. The modularconcept, using modules that are hardware-and software-configurable, meansthat all components can be reused, reconfigured,or extended, for example in laterprojects or if requirements change, witha minimum of effort. In either case, theRapidPro hardware fits perfectly into yourdSPACE tool chain.

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