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DSpace MicroAutoBox Embedded PC

MicroAutoBox II with MicroAutoBox EmbeddedPC is a compact, shock- and vibrationproofsystem for in-vehicle use that combinestwo powerful hardware units. Whilethe actual control functions are being computedon the real-time prototyping unit ofthe MicroAutoBox, additional applicationssuch as telematics, digital road maps andcamera-based object detection can run onthe integrated MicroAutoBox EmbeddedPC. With all these possibilities, the systemprovides immense potential for developingadvanced driver assistance, infotainment,telematics and image processing applications.The integrated Ethernet switch letsthe host PC access both units via the sameEthernet connection. Different startupand shutdown options are provided: forexample, you can remote-control both unitseither synchronously via the ignition switchor completely independently of each other.FPGA I/O Extension ModulesThe FPGA technology now integrated inMicroAutoBox II addresses new use scenarioswith varying I/O requirements. Forgreater flexibility, the I/O converters aresourced out to separate add-on modules,which can easily be integrated into theMicroAutoBox II 1401/1511/1512 (only onemodule at a time). It is easy to change themodules later on:n DS1552 Multi I/O Modulen AC Motor Control SolutionDS1552 Multi I/O ModuleThe DS1552 Multi I/O Module is an optional,universal I/O add-on module with a largenumber of fast, powerful I/O converters anddifferent serial interfaces. The I/O resourcesof the module are accessible via the RTIFPGA Blockset1) and partly via the RTIDS1552 I/O Extension Blockset.AC Motor Control SolutionThe AC Motor Control (ACMC) Solution forMicroAutoBox II upgrades the MicroAutoBox II1401/1511/ 1512 to a compact, flexibledevelopment system for electric motor controlapplications. The add-on module comeswith a dedicated RTI blockset to interfaceto the user´s control model.

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