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DSpace MicroAutoBox II

MicroAutoBox is a real-time system for performingfast function prototyping in fullpassand bypass scenarios. It operates withoutuser intervention, just like an ECU.The special strength of the MicroAutoBoxhardware is its unique combination of highperformance, comprehensive I/O, and anextremely compact and robust design. Inaddition to the standard I/O, MicroAutoBoxoffers variants with FPGA functionality aswell as variants with interfaces for all majorautomotive bus systems: CAN, LIN, K/L line,FlexRay, and Ethernet. As an option, anadditional embedded PC can be integratedinto the MicroAutoBox II.MicroAutoBox can be used for many differentrapid control prototyping (RCP) applicationsin vehicles or laboratories, or on test benches.n Comprehensive I/O incl. CAN, LIN,K/L line, FlexRay, Ethernet, andLVDS/bypass interfaces1)n Robust and compact design idealfor in-vehicle usen IBM PowerPC running at 900 MHzn Variant with programmable FPGAn MicroAutoBox Embedded PCn DS1552 Multi I/O Modulen AC Motor Control SolutionPossible applications include vehicle control(chassis, powertrain, body, x-by-wire, advanceddriver assistance, etc.), new experimentalvehicle developments, electric drives control,aerospace, and many more. The optionalembedded PC and FPGA features provideeven greater potential.Application programs are stored in nonvolatilememory, allowing MicroAutoBox tostart up autonomously after power-up. APC or notebook can be easily connected viaEthernet for program download and dataanalysis (hot plugging). MicroAutoBox containssignal conditioning for automotivesignal levels and an integrated flight recorderfor long-term data acquisition (incl. supportof USB mass storage devices).

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