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Company Profile

It is established in 1987 under the name of "COKESEN Electronic Sanayi ve Ticaret Limited Sirketi" to operate in Istanbul.

 From the beginning the company was furnished with statutory "State Promotions on Investments" aiming designing and production of Experimental and Educational Equipments in the field of auxiliary electronics industries. Çokesen Ltd. currently, supplies training equipments to domestic Universities, collages and technical schools and also produces several types of devices with or without components on order to various industrial companies producing electronic articles. With the development of experience and knowledge of many years of operations, the company has gained a remarkable position to fill some gaps in the field of domestic electronic industries.

 The primary aim of the company is to build up a vision as to maintain support by providing such equipments in raising the quality of technical education in the country to catch up with mostly developed countries. Although the present variety of productions, which has weight in experimenting and education in the field of electro-techniques, other related subjects like physics have been planned to take place in the sales program.

Co-operational activities with some foreign companies in representation provide key-turn projects to be undertaken in design and/or realization stages. Further to that sales to state establishments and foundations, which are supported with foreign loans, are also provided.

It is the belief in raising the quality of technical training in Turkey as an essential and undelayable task that makes the company contribute supporting the field in all aspects. All firms in trade naturally aim to make big profits. However, this company has to keep levels of profit as low as possible in conformity with reaching that aim.

 As to emphasize, after sales services and interactions with customers do the executives give another point. Since, experimental and educational equipments have to be supported with long-period service. So, all customers can get instant support in getting spare parts and service as well as latest technological logistics supports, which are continuously available for long terms. Çokesen Ltd. has a lot of references in this respect.

The above outline about the company is just an introduction to you. Welcome to our WEB page. We expect you to visit our page to find out information about our new and cut-price products, which are brought to notice from time to time. 

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